Welcome To The INFL!


 Our Mission

We are bringing businesses and labor together & providing our workforce a free education and our businesses a marketing platform.


We are here to lead the industry in skilled training & education without indebting our workforce. Our program allows for our workforce to earn school credit while they work. We believe that lowering marketing for businesses will allow them to invest into our next generation or skilled workers.

Our Workforce

Today we are faced with a severe labor shortage. For every 10 tradesmen that leave, only 7 are returning. This has been the issue for well over a decade..

Business Marketing

The average size of the marketing budget of small enterprises, according to the Clutch and The Manifest polls, the majority of small businesses in the USA spend on average from 10 to 50 thousand dollars a year on advertising and marketing. We are cutting this number for those services drastically, so businesses can redirect those funds to education and workforce growth.
We are the first ever blue-collar football league for the hard working men & women in our workforce.

After 3 years, the INFL is ready to compete!

This last 3 years has been a journey, but it has been worth the time and effort to change the lives of those the system has left behind.

We have been losing labor for over a decade, and since the pandemic we have felt the effects of those shortages, as many of our workers have not returned to their jobs due to below desirable work conditions like pay and other benefits.

This has caused many businesses in our country to lose out on much needed profits to get them through the current recession.

Inflation and wages have left our workforce behind, so we must cut overhead cost on businesses, so they can redirect those funds into training and paying our workforce better.

We have designed a business model that will do just that!

We also have nothing to celebrate the Blue-Collar in this country in terms of traditions so it’s an obvious choice for our younger generation to seek white collar vs blue-collar positions so they can chase their dreams of performing in front of huge groups of fans and becoming a full time pro.

So I have developed the Intense National Football League Inc, to give our blue-collar industries it’s first traditional system that our workforce can be proud of.

Since 2020, I have devoted my time to designing the INFL that will compete in the labor & marketing industry, and start attracting our youth to take these valuable positions in the blue-collar trades again.

We have developed the INFL Hub where we are offering ton’s of services to our business community that will pay for our school and sports.


Our first service is the INFL Home Club, where home owners can connect with local businesses & manage their home needs from our platform. They will get tons of great offers for being members.

INFL Home Club Logo

Our second service is our Project Management system where our professionals & students will provide our businesses with management that will cut much needed cost for businesses so they can redirect those savings into our school and sports program.


Our 3rd is our cornerstone to the INFL and that is our Career Board & Work Now staffing division. Our players will compete in the sports & labor markets and learn the different careers and Trades in the Blue-Collar sector of our economy.

Our 5th service is in the Delivery Service sector, where our students can do custom deliveries.

Our 6th service is the INFL Mall where you can buy our Team Gear and support your favorite player as our players get their own Stores to sell their merch.

Our 7th service is our INFL Fitness Center where you can find your local vendors and get deals through the INFL for memberships

Our 8th service is our Food Court where we will put local restaurants that support the league. We will provide them with delivery services to their customers as well.

Our 9th & most important service is to our members and players, The Sports & Trade School where our students will learn a skilled trade of their choice. We will also have football courses for our athletes.

And as stated above our employees will own the company in what’s known as an ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan) where our Crypto will represent their shares of the company. Traditional systems have punishments for early exits, where our will not do that. Our members can trade out anytime should they need access to their money.

We are currently building our first 5 football teams in Texas where athletes will to fill these jobs and to attend school and sports.

Also we would like to invite you to join our Social Media platform called INFL Social, where you can follow our journey and connect with other players and fans, as well as connect to our teams.



Players applications are pouring in and in the next few weeks, we will hold our first INFL Draft, where companies will compete to bring these kids in to work and go to school. If you would like to get involved please contact us anytime and we would love to share all the ways you can.